It’s a weird one, I’ve been in hospital half a year, this happened on the 8th November, Friday 8th April is 6 months! Well that’s life I suppose. Well I have quite a “take it or leave it” way of life, it’s really not so bad, helps me through this all! But wow, David came to see me today, such a don, he didn’t know what had happened to me though, you’re better than that man. I’d suffered a stroke… Cam’an! “I don’t Facebook or read blog’s”… Touché.

So with one more week, I’ve gone as far as to start a countdown, and say to people if they wanna visit, say so as this is the last week, make it count. I love all my friends… Heroes/Heroines! I think it goes, Monday: David, Tuesday: FREE, Wednesday: Tasha, Thursday: Liz, Friday: Paul, Saturday: Tom “Tombo” Court, Sunday: FAAAAAMILY, sounds like the life of a rockstar! If I’ve missed any one out, say so, I say I book days, not times, but I CAN jiggery-pokery!