On my way back but seriously, how much am I thinking “my parents make me smile”. I asked before this trip to church (that isn’t on Foursquare, what the fudge?) if we’re back home after this, I heard no, we’re straight back to The Wolfson. Skip forward 5hrs, we’ve been to Sainsburys petrol and KFC, not a bad thing, just a thing, an observation I suppose. I need to just take things a bit easy, I took things easy before, just not now, call it “life is short”, I dunno, just don’t have the time I did before. I don’t F and blind, just you know when you were a bit more tolerant of something.

So back to The Wolfson now, my taste still isn’t awesome, so watching my folks eat was nice. Not being sarcastic for once, I really mean it, I take each day as a blessing but seriously, some chips and one chicken as it’s something to do, a bit hungry, not starving, so I don’t think I really needed it. I’m thinking laptop jiggery-pokery when I get back, need to sort out the clothes I took to The Wolfson et all, because it’s weird, I lived there for 3 months… Ish. Need to get some of that overkill back to my mum and dad’s, discharge on the 11th April, don’t need as much any more. My Rainbow T-Shirt…. LOL!