Went to Leith Hill, heard of it? Nor had I. It’s a nice ol’ National Trust owned place, such a nice nature walk, with a disability, wow. So did it, felt good, a thing that if a guy with a disability can do, what are you? It was a weird one, had to walk up with my delta-frame, and I can’t stress it enough, I’m learning to walk with a delta-frame to learn how to walk without it, it makes sense when you break that sentence down, but think about it. I don’t think it’s something to sneeze at, it’s something that makes sense though, I don’t wanna fall flat on my face, but if I stumble, not fall, merely stumble, don’t be surprised. It was a nice walk, and it taught me that if I can do it, anyone can, it’s just a feel that is there a real excuse? Met 6 lovely women, Ruby, Rosemary, Theresa, and Claire, it was Theresa’s idea and “barbecue”, and “it tasted good”.

Went to Sainsburys on the way back home, got some Easter Eggs, I’m so fat, lol! I got milk, things that are quite simple, but it’s the small things that matter, I did it. On the way back, got the laptop that took an age for the money to come through, but makes sense, I wanna write a book, lemme just have the peace to do it. Patients that use that Shared Computer, not one to say don’t, just need peace, no man is an island, thoroughly believe that, but seriously, just sit down and forget about the world. I think this laptop helps me do that.