It’s one of the oldest things going, and if you don’t know about it, I’m not surprised, but its not half a great way to gauge someones Madden, American Football, Video Gaming knowledge… “The Madden Curse”. A superstition that goes back some nigh on 20 years. “Whom ever dons the front of Madden has a notably bad follow-up year/career”. Now some examples, Daunte Culpepper donned the 02 cover, then the Minnesota Love Boat incident and lets be honest he was eventually traded to the Lions. In 06 is was Donovan McNabb, he tore his ACL in 07, nuff said. Shaun Alexander in 07, signed a monster contract for amassing 1000 yards and the league MVP, but he was out injured and then did NOTHING with that contract in tow. Now the biggie, Michael Vick donned the 04 cover, dog-fighting charges in 07. My point is the only way from the top is down, so of course there’s a “Madden Curse”.

So EA Tiburon decided to put the cover of Madden up to the public vote, vote for your Madden cover athlete. In a “March Madness feel”, a bracket has been assembled, and each of the 32 teams are represented. Now the representatives TEND to be the marquee player of the team, notice how I said “marquee”, not “best”, people get overshadowed for Madden cover, let alone their team. So judging by their 2011, these players are nominated, and slowly but surely there is a winner as the player beats off other contestants. But as a Packers fan, colour me divided!

Rodgers won the Super Bowl MVP, won the Super Bowl, and pretty much single-handedly got an injury-depleted team to Super Bowl success. He deserves Madden 12 cover glory, but the “Madden curse”. Rodgers gets this cover, has a poor 2012, calling him a bum, it’s hard to say. Even in “the Madden Bracket”, Rodgers beat Drew Brees, I think that final is on favouritism, not solely 2011 season though. As Natalie Imbruglia sang, “I’m torn”.