I’ll never understand it, when you win “It’s only the League Cup”, when you lose “It’s only the League Cup”. When you break it down, there is only so many trophies you can win in a season, with that in mind, it should be taken seriously, now here comes the science.

Premier League: Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield.
Champions League you need to be in the Top 4

Championship: The Championship, FA Cup, League Cup

League 1/League 2: League, FA Cup, League Cup, League Trophy

Conference: League, FA Cup, FA Trophy, Conference League Cup

So in the case of “Just the league cup”, that’s huey! It’s the days of winning on two fronts is tough, Chelsea getting the double says it all. So to win ONE cup is quite an accomplishment! I’m sure Arsenal are jealous of Birmingham, Manchester United and Tottenham.