*Draft from 22nd September: From 2nd paragraph all new*

From the moment this man came to Manchester United, I wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure, you can never really be sure of a player until he becomes a prominent member of a team. And when I say prominent, I mean to pull off “an escape act” or “be a saviour”, this hasn’t ever really been Berbatov until Sunday vs. Liverpool, Berbatov is better described with one clichéd term, the clichéd term in question? He’s known as “lazy”.

I’ve never been one to agree, I find it horrible for people to call him it because sure Tottenham are not world leaders, but they’re a great team, almost the template of how to run a team, all the money they spend is on already accumulated. The money they spend on a player thanks to the clever business acumen of Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is 100% based on money earn’t, unlike other teams, Tottenham don’t guess or speculate earning, they go about buying and selling players on what is best for the club, the board, and the fans, no quick solutions, no “bunch of money now, we’ll worry about it later”, what they earn in income, is what they’ll see as the total to play with in the transfer market. Levy may be a bit brash with such high-profile appointments and dismissals such as George Graham, Glenn Hoddle, David Pleat, Jacques Santini, Martin Jol, and Juande Ramos, but there is a certain feel that the Tottenham Hotspur boat is finally settled and that unless they mess up somewhere, there is a possibility that the team can get somewhere this season.

Catergorically you still have to say Arsenal are the bigger club, but my goodness that title is looking shaky. Man Utd have a different type of threat to their title in Man City, the fact Tottenham have won titles, Man City have money, similarities but not. Making a case for best in the town, but merely a case, nowhere near fact. Like Berbatov, good player, not great. And not worth £30mil, not worth £20mil, but like Bent to Villa, a mark of project, not establishment I say!