I can’t believe two things really, the trip I must travel to London on Thursday, my mum well won’t keep her phone on then. I meant for the day, I THINK she thought I meant now, she says I’m dictating her life, OR in case of an emergency it’s an option. Elders need to be’ave! I’m not saying it for fun, it’s you being mobile, have your mobile, it’s like whatever blad! Copied my sister, deleted my mum’s number, nuff said!

Then waiting on my Occupational Therapist to go to The Linden Hall, to work with the elderly, all part of rehab back into work. It was funny, on the phone, the nice Linden Hall lady Donna Miles HAD to ask “do you mind working with the elderly?”, LOL! of course I don’t mind, hence the application to work with the elderly, aww well, last chance saloon and all that jazz! I like the fact you can see that, some will say “what a stupid question”, I don’t think that’s fair, they just need to give ALL the info, if they didn’t, what’s that? So my OT just came through the door, and I’m apparently early, we’re APPARENTLY meant to meet at 9, whatever blad! :p Even for a lass apparently meant to start work at 8:30, she’s late, oooooooo, lie or clearly proven wrong :O

So my main man Anthony came in attendance yesterday. We messed about on YouTube, chatted NFL, NCAA, March Madness, it was just nice talking to someone that knew about it all. Twas pencilled as Sarah’s day, but both said today, find out in hindsight, both Monday and Wednesday were doable for both, hmm. Hindsight man :/ Well I have my cake and eat it, Sarah and Anthony, and my sister today, love Tuesday’s.