Ok, here’s the game plan, I get up, brush my teeth, watch Matt and Gord play the sport I can’t, go back to The Wolfson and stuff! Well that’s the plan, will it stick to it? Well away I go, hope you’re all well and I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!

In bed now, twas a nice day. The boys at Cheetahs vs. Saxons, merely a scrimmage game, but the Peterborough Saxons are a division higher, that’s about right, sure (I think) the same finished 28-21 to the Saxons, but the Cheetahs overturned an 28-0 half-time lead… Exactly. Said it all game, they just needed to change SOMETHING! they did and they are now in my hand.

I promised Nikki I’m here this weekend, can’t leave her here, only so much text you can offer, so that’ll do. Have the DVD player now, that’ll quench the boredom. So off to sleep I go yo! Have a goodun!