Ok, so another weekend, another trip home, so currently watching England vs. Wales… Wales vs. England? 2-0 to England, I corrected the order of the teams as it’s the home team that’s billed first, but with 2-0 down, you wouldn’t think it was Wales that were the home team, this is poor. Both goals are basically James Collins’ fault! Sure the Welsh team technically aren’t a match, it was always if England played poorly, but England look like Spain at the moment, not hard.

So my uncle said it, Premier League vs. Championship… Yep, Wales aren’t Premier League. POSSIBLE banana skin, but if England are as good as you think they are, and as they say, easily performance. 2-0 means don’t have to try so hard, it shows. Well Wales NEED to score soon, means they have a SLIM chance, I dunno though! Well my uncle is asleep, I’m thinking I need some type of food, I think that’s the end of this blog.