I have a good history of this, I hear a name come out like wildfire, and I dunno and I feel retarded asking, so I google. Find out I’m so disenfranchised, and even if I was “In the game”, I wouldn’t watch. So in taking a week to know about someone, you’re just like, “oh ok… Yeah, don’t like them”. Their star gets bigger, and so like a month or two or longer goes by and you still haven’t heard a single note or refer to a single line of dialogue, some say ignorance, I say “even before this incident, my brain is a Memory Card, it only has so much memory, it better count”.

So Rebecca Black comes up, much like Justin Bieber, Robert Pattison, and Daniel Radcliffe before her, all I can think is “I don’t wish you bad, but I can’t wish you well”, and that’s my motto, live and let live, I can’t say I want the best for them, but all the sad web messages you get of distaste, try getting a life. Anonymous slander isn’t going to do anything! Get out of your parents basement, stop molesting an Apple Pie and realise “That’s life, live yours, chasing or following someone else’s, you’re better than that!”.

*Rant over*