You know when you say to yourself you wanna try blogging, then you do, then you put yourself a task of one a day, and you try immensely, then you try WordPress and it isn’t working. It was like news to me! Couldn’t enjoy my Tuesday night as a result, even with my sister visiting, kickin’ it with Nikki, etc. etc. it just wasn’t happening. I was all about the Tumblr for a moment… Never again WordPress… NEVER again!

So it was the server, not my phone, *phew*, it’s ok now, and I think I’ve linked Facebook up one more time. People say “why link anything to Facebook?” Because the world and it’s dog is on Facebook and I have NOTHING to hide. Don’t like it, remove me as a friend or hide me, simples, damn meerkat!

So today is a new day, I type from my bed, I should get up. Thinking of asking for a room change though, it’s that fact I share with a man “over 60”, they go to bed HELLA early, what’s 7pm? The fact I can’t deal with it much. Coming in at 10pm, having washing to do but at 9pm still being asked to turn the light off. So I can’t see? Executive Decision much? It’s just kinda tough, deffo an age/race/culture difference.