Ok, so this John Terry lark, it’s like Capello, you’re a top draw club manager, but as a man manager and a human being, you’re a douché! When other teams say England is full of chiefs, I think even Beckenbauer said that, enough said, all this “we had to pass the armband around in Denmark”, really? It’s just an armband, let the chiefs have their say.

But John Terry once is the captain, mugs a team-mate, then for him to be reinstated. You want England to win, but seriously. The captain I can’t stand and the manager I really can’t stand as he gave it to him, the armband that is. Capello can’t manage a cold mate!

So MRI tomorrow, had more Physio and Education Group today, learning about my stroke, it’s a weight off the mind. With Physio have to deal with a “to-do list” of stretches, stuff to deal with my gait, it’s Ataxic or summat! Got the laundry cycle on now, thinking let’s go and sort that! I’m independent and stuff… Honest!