My dad’s annoying! Drops me off to The Wolfson, then with fellow patient Peter, and with family friends I’d never met before, takes the place. It’s sad, I’m not a defiant person, just don’t like the idea of people trying to be something they’re not. I tried Nigeria, it’s not for me, I can visit, but I can’t live. So with this, you get the feel that I’m bringing these people to this centre, talking about all the stuff our family has had to go through, in a centre, I’m still here until the 17th April, would rather not! My dad tried matching me up in Nigeria, it was all VERY probably not, but it’s all VERY African, and parent, so it’s hot the fan for me, I have an African parent! I just don’t think my very English beliefs and life translate well. I’m not British enough to f and blind, but not African enough to be arranged and quite inconsiderate. I’m the man with no country! I’ve not denied where I’m from, but I’m not loving it. I love my parents and they love me, but to have me in a Neurorehabilitation Centre meet these people, I don’t think my dad got how inconsiderate he can be, I mean what’s all this “off the cuff” thinking and implementation? I’d have friends drop me off otherwise! This is the same dad that before my appointment, we stopped off in Teddington for the Bank and “big Sainsburys” for some petrol, NO consideration. Not a darling, but I think there’s a reason I’ve turned a corner, feel like I need to implement that…. Into a book, for some independence!