It’s a weird old time, need that Social Work planned out, then come money to get a laptop, to write my book, everyone’s a winner! But that’s something else, so allowed to go home in the weekend, it’s nice but it’s a mountain effect, I didn’t wanna go home, I did/do, now I’m ok staying for the weekend again. It’s not all bad, it’s not running away from me, so what’s the hubbub?

So I’m home this weekend, but this may be the last time until my discharge, no bad blood, just kinda fed up. So this weekend stayed in, watched England win the Championship but not the Grand Slam, France win that they are “the best of the rest”, Ireland win the fact they’re not ALL bad, Wales win that they’re the Scotland of 3rd/4th place, Scotland win not being handed ‘The Wooden Spoon’, Italy simply win. It was a nice weekend, England well felt like and looked like they’d turned a corner before that Scotland game. Finally had some flair, you name, then THAT game, and then Ireland, what a crap time to have to play them, completely injury-hit :/

Watching Match of the Day at the moment, just not the sports nut I used to be, I’d always rather write about it.

RIP Nate Dogg though!