So yes, a bit of other things to do, a bit of “it takes time”, I just haven’t written on my blog. The past two days, I’ve had my sessions, then when everyone chooses to go to bed, Nikki and I get my “maHOOsive” DVD collection and slip one in, we watch a film, then go to bed, “I live life like a rock star”. Yesterday twas ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’, tonight twas ‘Funny People’, not as good as I thought it would be, but not bad.

Manchester United beat Marseille, didn’t watch the match, nearly put game, you can officially lynch me :p So seriously, Arsenal are poo! The age old problem, get a goalkeeper and a defensive centre pair, not defensive footballers that play pretty, real go out and hoof the ball into Row Z! That Szczesny/Koscielny incident compounded it! Arsenal can’t help the goalkeeper’s injury crisis they face at the moment, signing former Arsenal keeper and crazy man Jens Lehmann on a short term deal says as much. Man Utd, and Tottenham in the Last 8, Chelsea et all? We’ll see I’m sure, when it rains, it pours for Lé Arsé, boowho!

‘Scott Pilgrim’ and ‘Funny People’, ironic Jason Schwartzman and Aubrey Plaza are in both… *Twilight Zone*. I say I found it hard to find a place to watch these DVDs, I have a Portable DVD player charger somewhere, not here, so the Player is out of the question, the Dining Room with the loud refridgerator, all the patients stay up waaaaaaaaaaaay late, so lounge at like 10pm IF lucky. It’s all I can do until the laptop monies I’m sure, hurry up you! Ok 03:00, off to bed blad! Laters!