I’m back at the Wolfson, wanted to watch a DVD on the Portable DVD player borrowed off my mum and seriously, it’s fine, this centre isn’t! I just wanna watch have some quiet, it’s horrible as I’m noticing I’m not the so sociable lad I’m known to be, I like peace. I used to say I like “The South of France, not Ibiza”, that was weather, it may be personality now… I like that silence, I’m not a clubber.

This stroke seems to have exaggerated every feeling, I like silence but this is weird. I had a worry on my tasting and my vision, this is weird. I live a “roll with the punches” kinda life, is this in jeopardy? This is so weird, I’m kinda a bit scared now. It’s like everything is a test, but this just feels like something else! I say about silence because to watch this Portable DVD player, I like it, you need it, had it in ‘The Games Room’, then didn’t, WTF?

I asked nicely and it was suggested by a Health Care Assistant ‘The Games Room’, we (myself and Nikki) were then told we weren’t allowed in that room. Maybe the dining room, but the refrigerator was on and it was loud, the lounges are nice but the tv is ALWAYS on and people are always in them. So I just decided bed, it was the only choice, this place was alright once upon a time… *sigh*