Seriously, this is nuts, together, apart, together, it’s like Liverpool Football Club, speaking of Liverpool, they’re poo! Who Braga? Damn false team of mediocrity!

So Liverpool lost, I’m getting to the light at the end of the tunnel, I wanna go ‘ome! The weekend allows you to, for a time, there wasn’t really a big rush to get ‘ome, I think I’ve blogged before. Now you get the feel it’s a nice rest-bite. Plus still need to pimp out my PS3. At least I’m not playing on it till crazy o’ clock and NEED to play it, I mean I didn’t go ‘ome last weekend, that’s a sign of no addiction :p

So asking people for PSN usernames, I’m thinking get Madden 11, everyone’s smiling. Got Brighty’s and Watmon’s, dare others try to walk all over me? Got Tom and Maslen’s, I shall be mediocre on the PS3 et all!

So seriously, the end of my Jack Bauer week, been tired ALL week. I know life is hard, and this centre can only train you on so much with Physio supervision, but come on, I had my 1hr Breakfast group that was really just me as other patients couldn’t make it, run a bit longer, can’t make Earl Grey, Tesco own Shreddies, bacon sarnine and pancakes as fast as I used to. Even my Physio came in looking for me, be’ave, only got up to my pancakes blad!