Its a weird one, thought I needed to double take how ordinary my day was, a trip to the bank says it all. The bank was the highlight, but omg, the jokes had on the ride over. Jovan and Janik, much like Kyrstie and Lizzie, twins but not identical, heroes, the similarities are quite hard to come by et all!

So for the first time in my adult life, I’m watching what I eat, it’ll do I’m sure, helps me live, blah-blah-blah! All these cupcakes, wine gums, mini eggs, can’t be too good… Hmm. Damn friends and family, actually don’t damn them, heroes! So went to HSBC, after finding the local that was opened past 5pm, put my birthday money in, O2 should lay off now, I hope. Damn social work, lets get some money for this laptop. I won’t spend without that income, got the money in the account, just my income stream is shot atm, until to renews, be’ave!

So thought Phil leaving Wolfson for work on Prostate Cancer, ironic it was the last blog entry before “this”, wish him well, but seriously, Man Utd vs. Liverpool tomorrow, let’s go! Dang Liverfool! Fail! In Utds wake mate!