You know when you just write, you don’t write for money, or for love for someone in particular, you write because you can and you will. Will I get rich, I hope so, but it’s just a nice thing to do. I love that I have this passion, just think I’ve always had this fear of failure, I don’t like the idea of someone saying good or bad, I mean everyone has their opinion right?

I link this to my Facebook not to get famous, but to say “what’s your excuse”, my blog is never to get notice, but I’m not a hermit. My social worker Phil and a fellow patient Nikki have started reading my blog, who knew. Last night they’d read it, coincidence? :p I think both are awesome, wish them both the best, I wish everyone the best, always have. These people don’t select the cards, they just “play the game”, they’re great people and that helps.

So AJ Hawk did re-sign with The Green Bay Packers, “shagtacular”. >.<