Well we all watched ‘The Wedding Crashers’, not for the first time, some did for the first time, it was nice. Seriously Owen Wilson going solo when Wedding Crashing, twas a dream, NEVER laughed so hard…. Poor band.

So as I type this, with one hand, on my phone, in bed, thinking about other things really, nice things. Like 22mins until Tuesday so I have a clear conscience, I like this once a day thing, gives you a personal deadline, a deadline I think this month I’ve stuck to. The Oscars happened last night, OK! Magazine on a Red Carpet, so disenfranchised with today’s media, tv, film, music, what the fudge happened? Colin Firth can go suck a nut… Yep’ can’t stand him! In Bridget Jones, actually was wooping Hugh Grant, that’s when you know I don’t like you, I’m wooping Hugh fudging Grant!

So 15mins now, better sleep, my bool 2012 me thinks, royalties mean trip to Boston, Red Sox, Bruins, New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Boston Celtics, it’s all quite a nice feel to travel, after all this, I think so immensely!