Honestly feels like a Wednesday or summat, need United to win today. Chelsea are a fine team, no disputing that but lets knock ’em out of the title hunt once and for all! Chelsea NEEDED to replace Carvalho sooner, but hey, Luiz and Torres, if Luiz does “it” for Chelsea, Carvalho who? I like that 3rd, 4th central defender, he’s the “swinger”, to use incase of injury or suspension, Chelsea didn’t have that as Alex got promoted.

So I was meant to go to Royal London for this follow-up MRI, it couldn’t happen, it’s St. George’s it is. From Whitechapel to Tooting, that’ll do. Tooting is more local I suppose :/ Plus my best friends mum thinks Whitechapel is poo blad! Ok, Goal Planning Meeting and Gardening group tomorrow, I live like a boss!