I woke up, went to church, watched Arsenal lose, had cake, thinking I’ll go to bed in a sec, but my blog blad, my blog! I went to church, it was a weird one, I like the people at that church, but man is it African. It’s my parents church, more my dad’s, not mine. I could be all deluded, but I do think if I was to die, it’s for a reason, if I were to live (in which I have), it’s part of a bigger plan really, it’s to write this book and bring awareness innit.

Currently watching MOTD2, is this a feel of slowing down in blogging? I think so. The African thing I don’t love about this church, they repeat EVERYTHING, and they encourage you to randomly say “amen”, it’s quite off-putting. It was all VERY nice, the thoughts and prayers, but COME ON!

Came back to The Wolfson, enjoyed a b’day with Nikki, Anna, Kim and my sister Michelle, it was nice. Nikki got me a card, get in! Sexual favours? >.< I watched Ireland sneak a win vs. Scotland, Arsenal lose vs. Birmingham, and now MOTD2, I think this is showing I like my sport, p.s. Stony Brook won at College Basketball today/tonight, get in!

But what a birthday, doing my one blog a day, was nice! Yesterday was bad, today wasn't MUCH better. Remember when a weekend was a rest? Exactly, I don't either :/ So two cakes, church, folks, sports, love and support, was nice.