It was a weird one, football, Rugby, Playstation, Glee, Apple, family, to balance it all on. Saturday, weekend my foot! The penultimate day of my birthday and I swear, twas MANIC!

Football Focus, Match of the Day, Six Nations, Apple Store, Office, Topman, Burton, Topshop, a birthday present from my folks, the money to buy either my black n green Converse, or my Converse record bag, couldn’t find either, in the rain, with a delta frame :/

I was accompanied by Liz Woolard, twas nice, well used stairs, lifts, escalators, it wasn’t like I was better honest! Just to see what needs work I suppose. MOTD in bed, lush! Got my Hot Chocolate, MOTD, A feeling of niceness atm, always have been. My aunt and uncle came, noticed it was and love them both, went to the local Tesco Metro with my uncle for nasal spray… No nasal spray, Hanworth at 7pm is fail blad!