*Draft on the 25th Feb I was meant to publish… Stoopid WordPress!*

It’s done, my day is done, thinking to win at this realm of day schedule! Last session being Physiotherapy, officially in the book! We have a new food menu at The Wolfson, ironic Dispatches had a programme on hospital dinners. More ironic my taste buds are rogered!

So I’m quite the friendly person, always have been, don’t like it, naff off! I’m REALLY an onwards and upwards, off to K-Town tomorrow, need this headphone switch and the charger, currently playing on my Xmas present, first time I played it! LETS GO FIFA11 and SMACKDOWN vs RAW 2011! B’day tomorrow, me the eager beaver, Saturday, my b’day it’s tomorrow, till then TWO days until! :/