So how’s it going world? I think today is a nice day, I like the fact people are ok, I’m not a tree hugger, but it’s my cheery disposition, I like to think you’re awesome until proven otherwise, people don’t like it, naff off! I’ve always been a positive person, you need to be.

Even with dealing with this, you need to be positive, got it in oodles! People can cheer you up, they can knock you down, but at the end, they are only people, until God or something/someone gets in the way, it’s not so bad, you can bounce back from anything, it’s not impossible!

With this attitude it seems like I’m fickle or ACTUALLY is it I’m my own person and it’s tough to find someone that likes me as much as I like them, and that as much as these people seem few and far between, I may be a nice and caring person, but my way of showing interest may have a lot to be desired. Too much, not enough, mixed messages, who knows. I’m not perfect, but I like to think I’m not violent unless needbe, I don’t cheat on people and I certainly don’t bet, that’s lame. If you bet, be ready to lose though. Betting crazy amounts to hope you get mire back, but WHAT IF you lose? Allow relocating to a campervan!

I digress, no-one is perfect, I’m sure I have imperfections, but I like to think I’m a square hole block, until I find my square block… Fuck you! Yep, I swore. I feel naughty :/