So I woke up, thought to myself “my blog, gotta write my blog”, saw Paul past night, not before my pivotal role as seagull to friends’ Nando’s plates, chips are nice doe! We saw Paul but not before scooting and scuttling past a row of seats, had to be like 15 or 16, why didn’t I just use the other side of stairs… Cinema planning is flawed!

I get past and there’s a dillweed couple in my seat and where “my crew” are meant to be sitting. Don’t be a dillweed couple, you thought you were being clever, don’t doe! I shimmy past an acre of people then cut my left pinkie over the guy in this couple’s gym bag, great the stairs broke my fall, and hands, love hands. I put the post picture on my Facebook, the group I went with, also on my Facebook, the film, in my noodle!

I was worried for Paul, I tweeted, merely an adult, comedic, and up to date ET. Well not much else could be done, an alien trying to get home, employs the help of humanity to carry out the deed, it’s gonna carry similarities, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s merely “a thing”. This similarity aside, they did what any film should do, not think about it, have an idea, implement it. I don’t enjoy ET like I used to, I got too old for it? I outgrew it? Who knows? If you liked it and still do, kudos, I’m not gonna rain on your parade, BUT everyone on this world is different, and individualistic, I won’t push my beliefs on you and vice versa!

So ET doesn’t do it for me any more, TWAS amazing on first glance though, just spell-bounding! So I’ve not grown into Paul, its the happy alternative. I love the characters, I’m geeky, just not a geek, I got the film references which seemed to go over most heads, I’m such a punk for it, I’m sure! But seriously, I feared for Paul, the film without the iconic Edgar Wright, a film too far, Pegg & Frost film #3, alien(s) is in a film, I STILL have no desire to watch ‘Close Encounter of the Third Kind’, but this film has all these negatives but effortlessly owned me! And I can unequivocally say from the end of the Comic Con scenes, I KNEW I loved this film, even said it to Lizzie, I love it, I just have “the knack”, know what I like, and it was Paul! DAMN good movie!