My once a day isn’t overly working… Thinking it’s nice though! Went to see Paul… With friends. It was nice, two months after “this”, still saw that action! It was nice! Saw the gang, lil’ peeved about things, came back, I was peeved again about more things, BUT it was just different, nice different!

They all know this book goal, a break from the book, a break from the centre, a break from now seen as norm. We watched a bit of The FA Cup match, Man United won, all that matters, only 10 mons left of Saturday, Paul, travel, it was all good! I’m now thinking bed, in it, typing on my phone as always, showed my friends HOW I blog, it was nice, my reaction on Paul and more on the book I’m sure. Its the balance though, allow the fact this blog will give a bit of the game away, it just “jogs my memory”, it’s nice though! So 5 mins though, still TECHNICALLY Saturday, it’ll post as Saturday anywho, lets go sheeeeeeeeep!