It’s a weird one, I’ve NEVER wanted to go home. I’m thinking I may have to I’m not sure, but seriously, I’ve thought “Till I’m better, no eyepatch at least, what’s home?”, now I dunno. I just wanna try that PS3 to be honest, I know I have a family that love me and I love them but WHAT PERSON gets a PS3 for Christmas and can’t play it due to being admitted to hospital? I love my sister as well but what excuse is “you only have one eye, save it for when you get out, a ‘glad you’re out’ present”… Whatever! Thinking about it, you see where she’s coming from BUT 5 minutes of my mum faffing about, 5mins of my dad either ignoring me or talking education or work :/

Yesterday my Aunt Sheri, Aunt Lanre and Lanre’s kids Arianne & Aurelle. They brought a cold satsuma and some breadsticks, I’d died and gone to heaven, lemme explain. The Satsumas are THE inside joke, easy to peel, and of course I’m weird like that, I’ve always liked Satsumas, I like oranges, my sister got me, Satsumas or bust, allow clementines. The fact it was cold it was in the fridge, and The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation Centre is EPIC boiling, the Rehab Flat is The Sahara Desert in a Sauna, in hell, this cold Satsuma helped immensely! Breadsticks were Arianne’s lil’ snack, so saw them, never disliked them mentioned the name of the fictious restaurant in Glee, for offered the rest, it was like SCORE! I’m thinking a whole box next time from my Aunt Lanre, she said so, if she doesn’t follow through, she’s a liar :p