I can’t give it ALL AWAY but today was quite busy. If I give it ALL AWAY you won’t buy the book, clearly for the style not the situation, who buys a book for the situation? *scoffs*

So my “Jack Bauer day”, I see it as a day of many things to do, like 24, he doesn’t even have time to go to the toilet, think about it! So yes, yesterday I went shopping for “munch” in the rehab flat, where I currently write this, then came back to the rehab centre to meet a physio student, nice lad, like EVERYONE I wish them well! Student, Therapist, Nurse, or Doctor!

I’m digressing again, today collected my rehab flat food, had breakfast group, physio, moved into this rehab flat, gym exercises, made and ate a pizza, then it’s OT and Goal Planning, then that nice physio student I told you about, get to meet him for a “chinwag” about me, myself, and I… Wooo!

I love this flat… I can do whatever I fudging like, Arctic Monkeys, WTF? They WERE good! ‘The View from the Afternoon’, on loudspeaker, I’m a Chav or a school kid without the back of a bus… Excelsior!