I like the idea of getting better, but this is poo! I had Physiotherapy at 9:30, Psychotherapy went overtime, so went to the Physiotherapy reception to ask if my “teacher”, my Physiotherapist? was around, I hear no. The way all week medical students are meant to be coming into The Wolfson, this medical student has “rocked the apple cart”.

My Physiotherapy is the reason I’m here! Do I need Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy, Music Therapy, Group Sessions, probably not, they can help, but I don’t need it, all this waiting around is not helping. With this whole “Alex is waiting around”, it basically meant I missed my Physiotherapy session. It’s an hours session, I missed like 20 minutes though waiting, just thought “stuff it”. The student doesn’t learn, not like I wait around for fun, just made an executive decision, they miss out, I’ll miss out, but it was lame! I just wasn’t up for missing time, I’m hurting myself for not going, at least I thought about it!