My physiotherapist says the student couldn’t make the 9:30, he knew from earlier this week he couldn’t, they all talk about my timetable so yep, my actual physio had no excuse, what’s that “me screwing about”, about?

I’m saying my time is valuable, physio is valuable, my time for physio is valuable, I love the team, I sense all the help, but I prioritise these things. I like these things, but physio, love the lady, I talk too much, fear outta failure, who knows? I just like to take my mind off things I suppose, create a world of safety, speech gives me that.

I can concentrate, I will concentrate, but seriously, gym exercise is quite lame, I talk to the nice ladies for that security blanket feel, I joke outta fear I think, see myself as a bit of a “Chandler Bing”, sarcasm and joke as a defence-mechanism. So 22:38 in bed, better sleep, nunnite and good wishes to all that read this!