I’m not a pushy guy, all I say is one “set” of visitors a day, I “book” days, not hours. So in the people that have already visited, dons, everyone else is falling down RAPIDLY in my estimation! I wanna thank my family, my mum, my dad, my sister, my extended family, my Aunt Sheri, my Uncle Dapo, my Aunt Lanre and her (recentish, not really, don) husband, my now Uncle Felix.

My Nana tried surprising me with a visit last week, it didn’t work, the ONE TIME I wanna go out, I did, but she visited, ok, weird. If you’re gonna surprise someone, know that they’re about, not directly, that ruins the surprise but COME ON! Twas the Superbowl! I wasn’t gonna watch it in a Neurorehab Centre :/

So times to visit are 4-9 on a weekday, 1-9 on a weekend, all those that have, again thanks. That’s my family, my best friends and my friends. Who come to mind are Kyrstie, Lizzie, Sarah, Tom (best friends), erm Matt, Annette, Anna, Lisa, Jovan, Niall, Paul, Tammy, Elsa, (little) Laura, Anthony, Gord, Raj, Dmitrij, it’s off the hook of people that care, if I let you out, my bad, but I think that’s everyone.

If you wanna keep me in your books, go on, otherwise thinking you’re wasting mine and your time. Because you’re on my Facebook, it means I like you, not that we’re friends! You have to work at that!