So I’m in the small lounge watching CSI: New York with Nikki while blogging. I say watching, Nikki’s watching it, I’m blogging. So when do Mac, Horacio, Grissom and Langston face-off in a Nintendo Wii face-off?

I’m blogging until Match of the Day (MOTD), it’s nice to do. So is my book, but that drive to write… I’m hella dealing with ADHD! So 6mins till 22:24, 24 hour because that’s how I roll, 12 hour is punkish! You roll with 12 hour, it’s douchéy! Simpletons?

So now 4mins, I’m not Mark Owen (look up ‘Four Minute Warning’). So watching MOTD with James and co in the big lounge I’m sure. Seriously know all the scores, just nice to watch innit, hope Man Utd win… LOL! Mercenary City, still only one Manchester, where Citeh, till then :/

So now 1 minute over, moved to the big lounge now, everyone bar James in bed, figures! Chelsea don’t play till Monday, WTF? 3 minutes FINALLY MOTD! So as a best friend, I went all Kenan and Kel with a list he could come with! Ok, 22:34, I’m gonna stop blogging now, MANCHESTER DERBY!