I’ve gone to one blog a day, I know I have, not always but that’s how it’s going at the moment! I had Liz come yesterday, she met “The Gang”, she got me “clemenmules”, l caught Denmark vs. England, it was quite good! The day, not the match, allow the match.

I showed Liz my book, the second person to read it, Anthony was the first, Anthony thinking I should say “I” instead of “Alex”, I’m not self-centred though, well try not to be. Public vote? “I” or “Alex”? “Daddy” or “Chips”. Friends willing to help, I didn’t know if this book is going to be “Fiction” or “Non-Fiction”, not the info, but the STYLE of the info.

p.s. Did an über retarded thing! My USB pen drive with my book in my laundry, that’s retarded! I WELL put the info on a second pen drive just incase!