It’s a funny one, am I fickle? In a relationship I’m not, in a sports team (go Sox) I’m not, In finding the lass I lust for maybe, also for a national football team specifically, maybe! In an ideal world Germany vs. Italy, I’m in a Neurorehabilitation Centre, it’s not ideal… Denmark vs. England it is… Thank God company is coming! I don’t HAVE to watch… Football doesn’t consume me anyway!

I’m thinking a lass in particular makes me smile, but to sit and miss her, be’ave! I want England to win but much like WHENEVER I watch the national football team, MEGA INDIFFERENCE! all football is indifference, can’t enjoy matches like I used to. When this stroke happened, 9 days before England played France, even another patient, Garry, said “lucky, that performance was enough to make you suffer a stroke”, I’m lucky… I think? David Cameron makes me laugh rogering the NHS… Yep!