MAAAAAAATE! ‘Believe’ by The Bravery, then ‘Alive and Kicking’ by Nonpoint! Love it! This had got me SO psyched up! The first time I had EVER gone out… Out-Out, not home, and I did. Gordon ‘Gord’ Carver’s last swan song before his move, loved it!

Those that wanted to drink, did. Those that didn’t, or couldn’t, didn’t. I NEEDED to watch this game! I did, the Packers won 31-25, the Packers from Wisconsin is called ‘Titletown’… A Superbowl helps. Aaron Rodgers is the guy, I never disputed that, all this “TT/MM are wrong” was never me. I can’t stand Brent for what he did. The fact he did what he did, TT/MM saw something the fans, the majority of fans, couldn’t.

I could only think, “Why draft a guy if you’re not gonna use him?”, as great as Brent is/was, he is/was only getting older, and QB like a Goalkeeper is a mean position, you only have the one slot to say “that’s my guy”, rarely is a goalkeeper substituted unless injured. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy saw the dip before anyone, even me!

We won, who Brent? Paul Hornung has a point, a Superbowl helps, but honestly, hand on my heart, I’ll NEVER forgive him. I’m saying it! Rarely do I change my mind when it’s (eventually) made up! As a Packers player, he was fine, after that time, was a douché!