I’ll be at Gord’s house, pictures a plenty, HOPEFULLY watching the Packers take it to the Steelers! Haven’t had a burger sandwich in 2 months, they had a burger “patty”, but like a side order to a plate, not literally a sandwich :/

I’ve been encouraged I’m all about beer and burgers, LOL! The Superbowl is beer and burgers! I’ll have the burgers, skip the beer, beer is overrated! I like the idea of this meet though, I’m out and “back to old surroundings and people”, and if anyone I DON’T know quizzes my eyepatch, they’re not someone important… Really :p

I need an eyepatch to focus, on Green Bay winning, that’s focus on a television, allow double vision on a television. I’ll write this blog no matter what, but I needed a critique of it, got it was a bit like a storybook, IT IS A STORYBOOK! I wrote about what I’m passionate about, tends to be sport, the book will be my experience between my work and such, and this, the blog is practice. The blog has no spoilers, it’s to get the creative juices following, and is a companion, not a deterrent, or alternative, gotta make that “coin” somehow, and awareness… Duh :/