It’s not so much as a shock, Rafael, O’Shea, Wes Brown, it’s good cover, “G.Nev” as myself and Tom call him, so blame FIFA 08. I always thought Neville was falling down the “pecking order”, 35 is about the retirement age in football, he got it.

An amazing servant, I like the fact he was THE Marmite player, love him or hate him. I wish him well, taking the limelight retiring mid-season, couldn’t wait like Edwin Van der Sar? End of the season, even Robbie Savage waited till the end of the season, G.Nev is a bit of a let down for that!

Sky job, BBC job? It COULD have waited. For that I dunno. Wish him well, for a time was a great player, for United AND England, that faded, his attitude recently really has pee’d me off! If it’s me, I’ve liked Man United since I’m 7, that tells you something, it’s the same kinda Wayne Rooney love, I don’t get it.

I love the team, not the player, if the player hurts the team or their “image” while in the team, I don’t hate them, but I strongly dislike them, but not hate, do I prefer other players in the team, don’t disown though! Being a part of Manchester United goes take the blow a lot… A LOT-A LOT!