OMFG! (fudging gosh), Wales vs. England was immense… Compared to other England performances! Chris Ashton and Toby Flood are real! I said the Wales props took an injury blow, they were an injury blow, England maybe win with those Wales props, probably, big blow without them Wales props.

Watched Wales vs. England, really not a lot of fault, two teams without big props, and a bit of handling error, didn’t overly see either issue in this game. I still think the best in the Northern Hemisphere is lightyears from the worst in the Southern Hemisphere, but bragging rights! p.s. South > North :/

I like this England team though, that battle, that it’s the first England backline that looks threatening! Is it threatening baseline or Wales just aren’t good enough? I don’t like Ben Foden though, going out with one member from The Saturdays, nuff said :/