So it’s nearly the weekend.. of the Superbowl! Hope Green Bay win, MM is a Pittsburgh native, so to have to beat your home team to win the Superbowl… Daunting.

So I’m hearing burger and beer, beer is not an option, no skins parties, I need a friend to come to OT to convince it’s not a Skins Party, watch the game and go… Simple. My physio is saying stay out the night though… Love that physio, she’s cool as! Let’s go Kerry, my cool physio, and of course Go Pack Go!

I’ve started my book, it’s funny as you don’t wish for “this”, but you want SOMETHING to write about… Ooo! I like the idea of writing, always have, published? Ooo, nice. Someone to ask for my autograph? Even nicer, lol! Let’s do this! It’s the attention span when writing more than anything :/