Lol at not being able to go to watch the Superbowl, I’m getting the NFL isn’t big “in this country”, but tell them to postpone the game to a game to a more UK friendly time. 1am or bust! I need to watch this! The last time the Packers got into the Superbowl was 13 years ago, can I watch it on tape? COULD do, but I swear! I love this sport, I love this game!

So you know how much this means to me, have to catch it with people that actually care about it. I’m being told the guys are gonna have to come in and be assessed, no skins parties, they’re not that kind but it’s true, my nature and all that, under hospital care, have to be sure I’m not in harms way.

I like that “my team” were around in a chair circle, had to talk about how things were, and how long I’m here woulda been nice to talk about, but just have to watch this game! It just skipped me by, had to think “THIS GAME”, this Sunday Night/Monday Morning!