It’s silly o’clock so we all know what that means… I BLOG WHAT’S ON MY MIND! If you’re keeping up with my blogs, thank you, and kudos. I don’t sing it from the rooftops I have a blog, I don’t expect everyone to read, so for those that do, keep it up, for those that don’t, start reading, those READING my BLOG, MEGA props as it’s MAINLY sports based, this “situation” broadens your horizons, I’m tweeting about my experiences, but also sport, not quite back to full-time sport, but it’s not all about my experience at the moment, sport is creeping back in.

So those that have read about my “condition”, thanks again, people from the new year noticing now are retarded… Yep.

I just don’t have time to pussy-foot around any more, I’m not a confrontational person, you know who you are but seriously… A STROKE! If you only know now, you’re thick. I know life is tough and of course work is a big part at the moment but seriously, A stroke, you should know. Facebook, twitter, this blog, I’m not the “be all, end all”, but you should know! You’re fail, this friendship is fail, and remove me as a Facebook or Twitter “friend” PLEASE! You waste of space! I USED to be a Facebook whore, but I keep it for real friends now, for nearly 3 years now I’ve been on Facebook, for nearly 2 years I’ve had this methodology, so PLEASE please remove me! I was so wrong about you!

ALSO seriously what a January Transfer Window, Fernando ‘Nando’, ‘El Nino’ Torres will hog the headlines, his move to Chelsea, wow. It’s one of those, he is a don, he’ll get “it” back, you don’t just lose it, at 26 especially, kinda stories. Chelsea are hella old, Scott Sinclair got transferred, Daniel Sturridge needs experience and “is not ready”, and seriously if Anelka or Drogba retired or moved on? Kakuta? Torres was a sound buy. If you’re gonna blow some cash, makes sense! I’m reading Liverpool fans are thinking “where’s the loyalty?”, HE LEFT ATHLETICO MADRID! No loyalty, and SOME money is better than no money, Sol Campbell anyone?

So Chelsea raided Liverpool, Liverpool raided Newcastle (and Ajax). Torres (£50mil) to Chelsea, Andy Carroll (£35mil) and Luiz Suarez (£22.7mil) to Liverpool, 2 for 1? I know that’s £57.7mil but be’ave! Dang sum nazi! :p Footballers and the budget is WAY too much, this is sickening!

But now, the reason I’m in a dining hall at 03:01, my Green Bay Packers are in the Superbowl, even the great Rich Eisen has said via his Twitter “Here you go, Packers fans. It’s been 13 years since you’ve last seen your team name in a Super Bowl endzone”, it means a lot! So I said about my Pro Bowl jersey, “Merry Christmas/You’re not dead” present, but I’ll wear it Sunday, I’ll be out for the day, I’ll love the fact Gordon “Gord” Carver, Matt Bright, and Anthony Watmon are the NFL guys, we love it, we WILL watch it and enjoy it, I love it, the guys (no homo), and you for reading this!

I’ll be watching with the guys, big burger and enjoying it all, I love it all! The fact I’m out for the day and it’s not with family… Woah! It’s all in line, my once upon a time needed frame, my ride (stairs shan’t be an issue for me so far), I just like the fact you have good friends, be good as always! Don’s!