Don’t get me wrong, this is just an excuse to sack them, but it’s like don’t put them, or yourself in the position, they’re in it, looks bad now :/ I’m a big Andy Gray fan, that “take a bow” is classic, I think Soccer AM helped though.

It’s true, the world has gone PC mad, but if Sky Sports really believed in both, they’d back them, they didn’t, what’s that, they did wrong and need to be punished OR we don’t need them? It’s a shame but that’s life.

The argument that what two did was wrong, duh it was wrong, but it doesn’t mean it was right. Keys saying surely it happens in the United dressing room…. So what? It’s not right and they’re not caught out, you were, lemons mate! IF it happened in the United dressing room, I don’t care, like the players for the sport they play on the pitch, if it helps them fine, but don’t justify it with “I’m sure United do it”… Burke!