Tis the eve of THE Championship Game, and nothing did stir, even the cat did not utter a purr… I well need a cat! So yes Pack vs. Bears… Yummy! Our defensive stalwart Nick Barnett went as far as to say “Superbowl or Die” BEFORE THE SEASON HAD EVEN STARTED! That’s “tekkers”, all teams have that “win it all” mentality, the 2010/2011 Green Bay Packers are something else, “Road Warriors”? >..<

Either down to a lack of things to do or sensibility, I downloaded Football Manager 2011 app from The App Store for my phone, AFC Wimbledon to the Premier League, let's go! Thanks to Matt Bright for the suggestion, Sky Television for the money, The Wolfson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre for the WiFi… Monopoly is no deal!