This is a horrible age! I’m not “man I need to get my leg over”, but I’AM human! Being a 24 year old stroke victim blows! I need to interact, I need to “enjoy the age”… It’s just a weird one, where are all the same boat people?

You get nice physios, nurses, med-students, but you can’t cross THAT line, I’m hella thinking with one part of my body >.<… That's really not it, I'm just talking frankly, always do. I try and put these blogs out as once a day… Maybe, you don't miss me going a day without writing do you? Hope not :O

Live life suckas! Enjoy it! Even the small things, gotta see the positive, GOT TO! Gun to your head and shiznit, on a last note, 'Jack's Mannequin'… Blowing my c*ck off!