For all those asking about the move, it went without a hitch, all NHS workers are swell, it’s always the system/structure, it’s like WTF?!?! I know people are doing their job but it’s THE JOB I think is the question mark. They’ll do it well, but why given the directives… It’s bull!

I don’t half like the move though, the travel, the fact both realms are great. The physio work is today at 4pm… I’m bored till then! I like it though, can’t physio at home… Small and it’s kinda “cluttered”, my physiotherapist well likes me… I’m well fickle… Remember Lisa? LOL! I think bachelorhood is swell… Within reason/doubt, just don’t abuse it, I love the freeness, I can’t stand “players” though… Pricks!

Waiting for transfer from West Middlesex, we had Helen and Paul in the “waiting room”… Heroes! In the transfer we had Dan, and since the move, nice OT’s, and a nice Physio…. Very nice…. A shine? I think so. Learning names as always, but young people where? O_o