Well today is the day of “the big move” and it’s pencilled for “any time before 1pm” or summat, I just love the way EVERYTHING is on a “waiting list”. No way you can sue if it’s hella early, I mean 11am… Can’t sue, 12pm, can’t sue, nothing is an exact time :/

They like wiggle-space, I’m just indifferent about most things, I think “it’s” showing me I’m indifferent about stuff like that, I think it may be certain people I’m NOT indifferent to, but the NHS, couldn’t care less, that’s care less, not careless, lol!

So the Patriots lost… No dream Super Bowl/Superbowl for me, sure I wanted the Packers to win but what a matchup, #1 vs. #2, Pack vs. Pats, the Patriots losing 28-21 to the New York (Airport) Jets negates things. Well “we’re” banged up so I wouldn’t of fully enjoyed it, nice excuse though, “like 10+ starters on IR, no wonder we’re losing!”