I’ve been moved… This is information people! From ‘Osterley 2’ to ‘Rehab Escalation’ it’s in the Marjorie Orr or something… Who knows? I was asleep during the move, lol! I love that the hospital didn’t know about the move until like 1hr earlier :/

I’m in a basement I’m sure… Feels like a basement. People are nice but lets not beat around the bush, ‘Osterley 2’ was nicer :O My side room was the best though, to take advantage of people in a sexual fashion…. Gone O_o

I know moves are made by importance of patients to bed, I’m quite independent anyway, this is something people say I can’t get back to, well Uncle Felix (well he did marry my Aunty… He’s a Chelsea fan though O_o) has a brother and my brother from another mother Anthony both have “conditions” and the trick is to try and get back, both are probably better people.

I well overheard I’m not in Wimbledon tomorrow :/ They’ll call when… WTF?!?! :O I NEED REHAB NOW!