My favourite and long servicing friend Liz(zie) Woolard and my favourite and cool girl and friend, not a girlfriend, Sarah Ellender came and saw me today… Joyous! I love them both, love you all! These, Kyrstie and Tom, my Fab Four! Gonna have to have a party or something for them all to know one-another >…< I like video games, not my world though! Used to be… Fail! It's a past-time, not a life. So easy to say now, hindsight ey?

So Sarah and Liz(zie) saw me today, too happy! They pass time TOO well, talk about nothing or something, they're the lasses! Kyrstie Wednesday, they may need to meet a certain nurse, who knows? We talked about work and general events, general, not current, that's silly, Posh Spice though… No-one cares! :p

Happy you're all ok is all, on Facebook for a reason, being a 'Facebook Whore' is silly, 302 friends I last checked, you all mean the world, like 300 I've met, like/love you all! Wishing good things to everyone! The thing that got me is time in hospital flies, generally it flies but REALLY?!?!? all I know is I have to wait till Wednesday to see her again, Stan Marsh to Wendy Testaburger song? "There's a girl that I like…" O_o