This is insane, need some kinda parity, this is nuts, medically fit to go home? WTF?!?!?!

Only been here for two weeks! And it’s like “we need free space”… Target the young? I had high blood pressure, my parents have high blood pressure, what is it? Times? Who knows? All I know is I don’t need “we gonna mess you up psychologically”, a stroke means don’t mess with high blood pressure. Occupational therapists, psychotherapists, sisters, nurses, it’s a weird one :/

I need a stress relief at the moment, I just can’t stand how I feel at the moment, I need some form of calm, thought I was the calmest ever person before this. I’m the one that said you need to smile a lil’ to people, doctors, nurses, and sisters even :/ You smile and hopefully the world will smile back, they don’t, don’t worry, you move on without them :p

Since I’ve been in hospital, dunno, 1 or 2 nurses/care assistants I can’t STAND! I like +20, but this is quite big, I get on with anyone, so not to get on with them, it must be big :/ 3 nurses/care-assistants, come to mind!

I woke up and yep, time to ship it out, I’m “it” by the way, they think I’m medically ok to get home till Wolfson, no exact time is balls! Even a Waiting List is poo, I need some kinda rough indication! I like averages and rough estimates, lists are… Poo.

Apparently my mum is the heels in the sand, I’m going nowhere now… It’s one to contend though. Mark the hero, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Legend is a don I like that with other Sisters and Nurses had to battle with my mum, I love her but really :/ She’s SO protective, I like the idea of Wimbledon… Tomorrow? And to the real news, Packers won! But vs. the Falcons… Hmm :/ Go Pack Go!